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Formula Student Balkans 2023

At the end of Season 2023, we participated in the pilot edition of #FSBalkans, organized near Brașov, Romania.

It was a great opportunity to meet the other teams from the country & exchange good practices!

Thank you for having us!


Formula Student Czech 2023

For Season 2023 we presented an improved version of the previous year’s race car, in terms of mechanical design, body manufacturing and functionality. 

The Business Plan Presentation, Cost & Manufacturing Event and Engineering Design Event brought us to P28 out of 37 electric vehicles present at #FSCzech23.

A big shoutout goes to all team members who made it possible & our partners that believed in our dream!

We are proud to represent the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, which remains the only university in Romania to have an electric vehicle at Formula Student competitions.

Thank you!


Formula Student Alpe Adria 2022

In august 2022, we became the first Romanian team to ever compete in the Electric Vehicle section of an international Formula Student competition in Novi Marof, Croatia. It was also the very first single-seater presented by the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca!

Even though we encountered some challenges in terms of powertrain and energy supply systems, we managed to score in the static events and we finished 25th out of 31 electric vehicle teams.

We are grateful for the resources and trust provided by our partners & supporters and we are looking forward towards the upcoming season!

Electric vehicle lovers

ART-TU is the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca’s Formula Student team.

Founded at the beginning of 2019 from an initial group of about 20 members, our team is constantly attracting new students from various departments of the university, becoming an engineering team ready to face the challenges of such a complex project, involving all the domains of the automotive sector.

The Formula Student is an international student design and racing competition. The goal is to develop a one-seated prototype and to compare it within Formula Student events with those of other universities on the track, as well as in terms of engineering solutions or manufacturing costs.

With our heads faced towards the future not only of motor racing, but also of the automotive industry and the world, our team’s vision is to build a Formula Student electric vehicle with high performances and low energy consumption.

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Team Leaders


Team Leaders 2023-2024


Team Captain

Radu-Mihai POPA

Deputy Team Captain


Mechanical Team Leader

Laurențiu KECSKES

Electrical Team Leader


Battery Pack Team Leader

Bogdan GAL

Vehicle Dynamics Team Leader

Irina DUMA

Administrative Support Processes


Project Manager


Chassis & Body responsible

Andrei GROZA

Braking responsible


Suspension responsible

Prof. habil. dr. ing. Bogdan-Ovidiu VARGA

University Coordinator